a hyper masculine, very pretty bisexual female. INTJ.identifies as black because black people are the closest thing we have to gods walking the earth
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  • officialprincessjasmine:

    egalitarianism is the deliberate, and oftentimes benign, silencing of an oppressed group in order to maintain the social hegemony

    egalitarianism is being cognizant of the fact that there are social inequities and choosing to aid both sides with the same vigor

    egalitarianism is an ideology that perpetuates oppression by doing nothing to reduce the chasm that lies between two social groups

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  • youngblackandvegan:

    I have never used the fact that I’ve been hurt in the past as a reason to hurt other people or a justification for treating other people badly
    It’s either I have the strength and energy to be a positive force in other people’s lives
    Or I stay my distance until I can get to that point

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